byi keyboard spam, i have many personalities, i change them based on who you are

dni problematic, traumadumpers, too sensitive

notes there are times where i can be hyperactive, i wont be able to think/type clearly(・∀・)

cr jibeomcito / taeksplace

kins wendy oldbag dipper pines sebastian debeste xingqiu arei nageishi

ccs odette iris wilson herlock sholmes venti miles edgeworth trucy wright

webtoon oh!holy, friendly rivalry, orange marmalade, purple hyacinth, devil number 4, etc

singers ricky montgomery cavetown ghost and pals iDKhow

songs envy baby, bitter choco decoration, any ricky montgomery song

games mlbb <3 omori genshin (not in fandom)

favs mari omori floryn, lynette lyney, heizou

bestiez heyo cheryl kay jaz